Tips and tricks to be an independent escort to maintain privacy

Being an escort while still keeping your personal life private may be a real challenge, particularly if you have to keep track of what information you want to share with your customers and what parts of your life you want to keep separate and protected from prying eyes.

It's not uncommon for new phoenix escorts to make the mistake of posting too much personal information in the hopes of garnering more attention and drawing in more customers. However, providing too much personal information might backfire and even put you in danger. What you should never put on your profile is the following:

Your personal contact information, such as telephone number

Some of you may think it's self-evident that your personal phone number should stay that way. In other cases, though, ambitious rookie escorts may bypass this crucial step and instead go out to acquire a separate phone and sim card only for their escort business.

If you work as an escort and have a personal life, don't mix the two since you'll lose the distinction between work and play. The fact that you've made yourself vulnerable to calls at all hours of the day by displaying your personal phone number on your profile means that you can't decide whether to take a call from work or not, because in most cases, you have no idea who is calling – it could be your landlord, it could be an annoying client you're trying to avoid, or it could be that hot, rich guy you dated last week!

Address of your residence

Even if you do incalls and specify it in your escort profile, you are not required to publish your incall location on your profile. This is personal information that you will only share with your customer if you are comfortable seeing him at your incall location after running a background check on him.

Inadvertently allowing anybody to view your in-call address might place you in a hazardous position since anyone can show up at your door without warning, harass you, or even follow you around. So be careful and reveal as little personal information as you can online!

The email address that you use for personal correspondence

To begin working in the escorting sector, you must first create a distinct escort identity from your regular life, including a different name, phone number, and email address. As a result, you're avoiding the temptation to combine your personal and professional lives. In order to maintain your sanity and quality of life, we highly suggest that you keep the two separate. This will allow you to take a break from your work and the unmet wishes of your customers private escorts.

Your own social media accounts

Although using social media to market your escort business and attract new customers is an excellent idea when you first start the escort industry, our recommendation is that you establish separate escort-specific social media profiles from your personal ones. Do not share or divulge personal information about your everyday activities. Start your career as an escort by making sure you're protected at all times. Limit the information you give out. Only once you feel completely at ease with a customer, should you feel safe sharing details about your private life being independent.