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Taking your Chiang Mai private girls through oral satisfaction is not easy. It would help if you first seduced them slowly with gentle kisses. Slowly caressing her belly, kissing her thighs, and gently touching her private parts will make this girl start to feel aroused.

Discover your escort's vagina slowly with your tongue, she waits a while for her to get excited so you can touch her clitoris. Then you must lick her inner and outer lips so that this girl feels new sensations.

Then you must use your fingers during the whole body of your escort. You can massage her G-spot. This gives this girl many intense orgasms. You can ask her what she likes the most.

Your escort must be treated as she deserves so that she feels great pleasure, and you can easily take her to an unforgettable climax. For this reason, calmly find out before your appointment what these women like the most and a good agency

What types of sex toys can you use with an escort?

Suppose you want your meeting with some Asian girls to be unique and full of new things. You must know several sex toys that you can use with her.

• Vibrating ring: this ring is placed on your pain and is responsible for stimulating the clitoris of your partner. You can do various sexual positions using this sex toy to enjoy great pleasure.

• Prostate massager: you must ask your escort what her favorite sex toy is. She will surely tell you that they love the G-spot prostate massager because it has an anatomical shape; both the P-spot and the G-spot are taken care of.

• Duo vibrator: This product is created if you want great pleasure with your partner. This type of vibration offers you various vibrations and modern designs. It is made with quality.

You must know the specifications offered by the sex toys that are in the most significant demand. You can use your Escorts, the one you prefer, with total freedom so that your meeting is as expected.

Escorts love to bring these sex toys to your date so you feel unique excitement and good services.

What gift can you give your escort?

Escorts like to be given an exclusive gift to feel happy and well cared for.

• Perfume: your escort would undoubtedly be fascinated that you give her perfume. You can ask her what perfume she likes the most so that she feels happy and wears it every time she has a date with you.

• Lingerie: know that the gift an escort will always thank you for is usually lingerie. All the favorite brands of these girls are mentioned in their profiles so that you can buy the right one.

• Jewels: if you want to impress an escort, you can give her a jewel. This can be a diamond. These girls love to wear jewelry to feel essential and look elegant wherever they go. Discover the services that will give you many options.

The important thing is that you make your escort feel special. There are several original gifts, full of many options. You can give them a bottle of wine or champagne. They may also be interested in a beautiful bouquet.

Discover that the escorts are sensitive women who work with dedication to give you a good service. For this, they deserve to be treated well, fill them with details so that they feel loved, and find the right one in the best agency

It is also essential that apart from giving them something material, you treat them with kindness and affection so that they can work with motivation. This way, these Asian girls will feel valued and that their services have significant meaning.